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About This Quiz & Worksheet. If you're studying the composition of blood and want to test your current knowledge, feel free to take this short quiz or complete the accompanying printable worksheet.

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Exercise 19 . Blood Cells . Laboratory Objedives . On completion of the activities in this exercise, you will be able to: • Describe the functions of blood. Describe the difference between the formed elements of blood and blood plasma. • Identify all blood cell types when viewed with a light microscope. High blood cholesterol levels are above mg/100 ml of blood. 32. What is atherosclerosis? 33. What is the connection between high blood cholesterol levels and atherosclerosis? Review Sheet 11 159 11_143_160_PhyEx8_HP_Ch11 1/11/08 8:03 AM Page 159

the five types of white blood cells meutrophil, eosinophil, basophil, lymphocyte, monocyte 19. list four classes of nutrients normally found in plasma. amino acids, glucose, fatty acids and vitamins 20. name two gases normally found in plasma. carbon dioxide and oxygen 21. name three ions normally found in plasma. sodium, potassium and calcium 22. EXERCISE 22 REVIEW SHEET Name Lab Section Date Anatomy of Blood Vessels 1. Describe the main structural difference between elastic and muscular arteries. What is the functional significance of this difference 2. Describe and compare the two main circulatory pathways: the pulmonary circulation and the systemic ci 3. This short quiz and worksheet combo uses multiple-choice questions to gauge your understanding of several aspects of blood clots. Risk factors for thrombosis and the symptoms of a pulmonary ...