Lr1154 datasheet

Technical Data Sheet Specifications Chemical system Zinc / Manganese Dioxide, high drain Nominal Voltage 1,50 V Capacity 105 mAh, Discharge over 8,25 kΩ at 20°C to 0,9 V Internal Resistance Below 20 Ω at 20°C Operating Temperature 0°C – 60°C Self Discharge Less than 10% per year at 20°C Weight ~1,75 g Dimensions (according IEC 60086-3) Diameter Height

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batteries and Battery LR1154 equivalent, - Renata, Uniross, GP, Energizer, Varta, Rayovac, Panasonic ... LR1154 Battery. Our equivalent is the LR44 Battery (Pack of 2 ... Since a dead battery in a camera is a Very Bad Thing® and usually happens far far away from a camera store, I don't recommend the use of alkalines. 2CR5 DL245, KL2CR, EL2CR55 34 x 17 x 45 mm 6V 1300 mAh Lithium (LiMnO2) EOS 1v, 3, etc. This battery is commonly used in the Canon EOS professional film cameras.

82194 LR44, A76, LR1154, 357 ou AG13, Bateria Alcalina cartela com 10 1,5V 7897013 553462 7897013 538124 1 7897013 538121 2 7897013 538128 8506.10.10 500 20 705 x 320 x 185 15,9 5.40 x 11.6 0,002 55 x 150 x 5 0,0260 LR1154/SR1154: alkaline/silver, 11.6 mm diameter, 5.4 mm height. The two-digit codes LR44/SR44 are often used for this size Some coin cells, particularly lithium, are available in versions to solder into a circuit (typically to power very low current semiconductor memory ICs with configuration information for a device, for years), with ... When shopping for an LR44 equivalent, you can compare battery capacity by looking at the milliampere (mAh) number. Often they will claim 150 to 165 mAh capacity, but is that really true? To find out, you need to take a closer look at their data sheet to compare apples to apples. The L1154 Battery is a small and economical Alkaline button cell battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V. L1154 Battery is an alkaline button cell battery that provides long power life and excellent continuous power sources to your device. Works effectively in both low and high temperature.