Fluitin 1532 datasheet

ALPHA Vaculoy SACX0307 is a patented lead-free alloy suitable for use as a replacement for Sn63 alloy in the wave solder process. Contact us today to learn more This website uses cookies to give you the best browsing experience possible and to better understand how you use the Alpha Assembly site.

Brown Flux Jelly Warton Brown Flux Jelly is suitable for electrical and general purpose solder work, jointing commonly encountered metals. • • • • • Non Corrosive Jelly based soldering flux Flux residue can be removed using with solvent cleaner Disposable polyethylene gloves are recommended when handling soldering flux.

SACX0307 Fluitin 1532/133 5. Fire-fighting measures Fire-fighters should wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus (SCBA) and full turnout gear. Hazardous thermal decomposition products Some metallic oxides. Protection of fire-fighters Be sure to use an approved/certified respirator or equivalent. Special fire-fighting procedures :::

Alpha Fluitin 1532 ist ein aktivierter Kolophoniumlötdraht für allgemeine Handlötungen. Das einzigartige Aktivatorsystem bietet gute Temperaturbeständigkeit bei unterschiedlichen Löttemperaturen und verleiht Fluitin 1532 hervorragende Löteigenschaften bei der Anwendung schlecht lötbaren Bauteilen und Oberflächen. TOUCH-UP/REWORK – Use of Cleanline Write Flux Applicator with NR205 flux, and Fluitin 1532 cored solder wire is recommended for hand soldering applications. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Parameters Typical Values Parameters/Test Method Typical Values Appearance Clear, colorless liquid pH (5% aqueous solution) 3.4